This is apparently something that happens here, introductions. Figured I'd do one.
Hello! The name's Raspootis, or Maólmhuire, or Myles. Whichever one you'd like to call me. As for how I got my Steam name, it's a long story.
My background is mostly Slavic and Scottish, and I was born in Scotland. 
As for the physical aspects of me, I'm 2.04 meters tall, 81 kilograms, and mute. (I'll talk about that later).
My life was an interesting one, so I'll tell you some about that too.
I was born and raised in a town named Wick, in the province of Caithness. It was in the middle of nowhere even for Scotland.
My family moved to the USSR when I was eleven years old, and it was an experience I'll never forget.
(I'm going to skip over a lot of the sad parts in my life, because nobody wants to hear that).
I went to Aberdeen University for my PhD in Computer Engineering, and majored in Psychology for the hell of it.
In 2004, I joined the Royal Marines regiment of the British Army, and was shipped off to Afghanistan.
I served my first tour proudly and without incident, and moved back to Aberdeen the next year to buy a house.
The next two years after that were served in Afghanistan again, and I wasn't so lucky.
I was shot a total of seventeen times, survived two bunker bombings, and got caught in the explosion of a fragmentation explosive that destroyed two of my fingers and lost me my ability to speak. That's why I'm called Raspootis, because some of my squad mates had taken to calling me Rasputin. (Look him up if you're wondering why).
In 2008, I got a job at AOL in Dublin, and I've been working there ever since.
And that's my story. Figured I'd shed some light on the mysteries of what I presume to be the oldest member of Cosmic Gaming.
Goodnight everybody.

Dang some story man glad to have you on cosmic gaming

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Oh not again.

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