jailbreak rules

General Jailbreak Rules number 3. (Baiting is allowed, if you attack a guard within melee distance you're KOS)

Really? This one just feels wrong to me.

Prisoner Rules number 2&4 ("No detours or delays" is implied with every order & You can't free look or taunt when ordered to AFK freeze respectively)

These, in my opinion, are orders that need to be pointed out should the warden wish them to be followed. This is also different than literally every other server I have ever played jailbreak on and I can see these becoming confusing especially considering there only being one jailbreak server under the cosmic gaming flag.

Just my two cents on the matter. Also please get a proper plugin from literally anywhere for the jailbreak server.

If you somehow got through my atrocious writing, I hope these can be changed but it isn't my decision.

Thanks for the feedback! But we feel like this is what makes our Jailbreak server unique from everybody else and makes the experience more funny and enjoyable. Players will adjust over time and thats why we have the help menu to teach players the rules. There was a Jailbreak server(shut down) with these rules and everything worked out fine.

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