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I have been Banned

Your Steam Name: ุุ 

Steamid: STEAM_1:1:72631972

When and where the ban took place: 05-15-18 19:24 / HIGHTOWER [No Crits|NYC|Stats]

Why I think I was banned: The admin thought I was cheating, so he looked at my profile, saw it was private so he couldn't tell if I was new or not, and there was also someone who has been banned before with the same invisible name as mine.

Why I think I should be unbanned: I did not cheat. I have 4.5k hours over Team Fortress 2, and I'm just good at the game. All I did was join my friend, played for about 5 minutes, got some head shots, body shots, and misses, but was banned due to hackusations. I've checked your website for evidence and there is none.

Additional Information: If you do not believe I have 4.5k hours on TF2 please friend me and ask me put my hours to public so I can show.
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