Full Version: Admin Application
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Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:81640523
Steam Name: Raspootis
Name: Myles Scott
Age: 15
Location: Ontario, Canada
Prior Experience: I was already an admin for CG.

The inactive admins have been removed, leaving the servers with less protection than they need. Experienced admins are needed, and I believe that I fall into that category.

Extra Comments:
I've been through this in my other applications, so I'll make a shortened version. 
Yes, I know I lied to everybody for most of my time here. Yes, I'm aware that not everybody can trust me anymore.
I'm also aware that most of the current admins aren't exactly friends of mine, due to either a troubled past, or just a blatant distaste for me. 
However, CG is in need of active admins who will enforce the rules responsibly, and while my record with that isn't entirely clean, I believe that I'm still the best for the job.